Jillian G. Yatalese, author of Love of a Dragon

Jillian G. Yatalese, 17, lives in Baraboo, WI, with her parents, Grace and David, and her brother, Ian. She was born in Bismarck, North Dakota, where she lived for a year before moving to Wisconsin. She’s been writing her own books since she was ten years old.

“I don’t really have anything negative to say except that I wish there had been more communication between me and my publishing team. Other than that, I am satisfied with much of everything else.”

Product description…

Who says there’s no such thing as dragons?

Nananko was an ordinary third year student in high school, until she met the mysterious and handsome Eiri. Ever since their first encounter, Nanako new there was something…not quite right about him. No normal person could have warned her just how right she was. Eiri was keeping a secret from her. He swore it was to keep her safe. He didn’t seem dangerous…but was he? Or was he really just trying to keep himself safe?

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