Sharon Herb, author of Written Whispers

“I cannot express in words how grateful I am to Outskirts Press for all their expertise in publishing my book Written Whispers!!!”

Sharon Herb is a spiritual writer and intuitive life coach. As a writer and life coach, it is always her intention to use the divine messages that she receives to inspire and enrich the lives of others. Sharon lives her life with passion and purpose and feels truly blessed to be able to assist others to do the same. In addition to loving her work, Sharon claims her greatest joy in life is spending time with family and friends.

Product description…

Do you believe in angels? Angels believe in you!

Angels exist whether or not we believe in them, and they speak to all of us regardless of our faith. This inspirational book is a compilation of messages transcended directly from the angels. Within the pages of this book are whispers of love, life, and truth that are sure to delight, comfort, and inspire all who read them. Listen carefully as you turn each page and you just may hear the heartbeat of Heaven. This book is definitely the perfect companion for anyone wishing to know what it feels like to be kissed by an angel. Pucker up!

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