Bill Taylor, author of Men Of Like Passion

“This was my first experience publishing a book, and I’ve learned a lot! Outskirts Press made the experience as painless as possible for me, and my author representative was great! The greatest lesson I learned was to edit, edit, edit BEFORE starting the process with Outskirts Press. That way, the publishing experience can be most efficient and there will be few, if any, surprises. Thanks, Outskirts Press!”

Bill Taylor has been an ordained Primitive Baptist minister for twenty years, serving churches in Alabama and Tennessee as a pastor. This is his first published book, and it is the result of his having written and distributed daily meditations on various Bible subjects for many years. This is not a heavy theological commentary; instead, it is a practical approach to understanding God’s word and how it is still, “quick and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword.”

Product description…

Six Men Who Made A Difference

There have been untold millions of men who have been born, who have quietly lived their lives, and who have moved off the stage of time with little fanfare. God’s Holy word tells us about six men who lived lives much like anyone else, yet their lives were marked with distinction. God used these men to bless His people in the times in which they lived. And because He recorded the righteous ways in which He directed their lives, we today are blessed to be inspired to walk faithfully using God’s dealings with these men as our example. This book examines the Scriptural accounts of the lives of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, and Moses and gives practical examples of how God is still using these men to bless His people.

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