Sam Gilbert, author of Blue Eagle: Book II

“In this highly competitive market, Outskirts Press shines brighter than any of the other publishers. Stephen Pelegrino and Ms. Colleen Goulet are fantastic to work with, and your art department is without equal. YOU GUYS ROCK!!”

Sam Gilbert is a sailor, pilot, engineer, security professional, and radio guy. He’s also a writer with a lifelong passion for the study of history and spiritualism. Ascendance is Gilbert’s fourth book, and the second installment of the BLUE EAGLE series, where he continues to share his knowledge of his professions and passions, his vocations and beliefs.

Product description…

Can the BLUE EAGLE Survive?

Equatoria—a tiny new nation formed on the basis of peace and free of the corruption and greed of other countries—raises its national flag, nicknamed “the Blue Eagle,” on the continent of Africa. The governments of the world react, and one does so violently… Can Equatoria survive the assassinations of their President and Minister of State by rogue elements of the United States of America? With shocking speed, the Equatorians retaliate. In this most recent book of the BLUE EAGLE series, the people of Equatoria continue their ASCENDANCE…

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