Essie Tyms, author of Changing your Negative Thoughts

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I was born in Black Hawk, Mississippi, in Carroll County, to my parents Annie Mae and Tom Whiteside. They moved to the delta when I was a little girl with my older sister Bobbie, and my brother Cleveland. Later my mom and dad had three more children, two girls and a boy. My sisters Jessie and Annie and my brother TW. We lived on a plantation, where we worked a shared crop. I attended Tchula Attendance High School in Tchula, Mississippi, and graduated in 1966. Then I went on to a Vocational Training school in Greenwood, Mississippi, and was trained to be an office secretary, I also graduated from that school too. But I did not want to be a secretary. That was too confined for me. I love moving around. Then I moved to Hughes, Arkansas, and got a job in Forrest City, Arkansas, working in a factory where they made all types of television sets. I got married and had four children, one girl and three boys. But my marriage didn’t last but ten years, so I had to raise my children all by myself, just me and God. Also I have two granddaughters and six grandsons. I am very grateful for them all. I’ve always had a passion for writing, but never fulfilled it until now. And I give all the honor and glory to God.

Product description…

Changing Your Negative Thoughts

I am more than proud to say that my negative thoughts have changed to positive thoughts. Because there were times in my life,when everything I thought was negative. I could never see the positive side to anything. I was always afraid that things wouldn’t go right for me. So I just didn’t try to do anything different from what I was already doing. But one day I realized that my life wasn’t going anywhere with this kind of attitude. So I learned how to change the things that I could change, and accept the things I could not change. When my attitudes changed, my low self-esteem changed as well. I learned to love myself, and love others as I love myself. But I could not do any of this, without seeking God first. My mom taught me how to pray when I was very young, and I prayed all the time, because I wanted to know my purpose here on this earth and be bold enough to walk therein. A positive lifestyle is looking at things differently so you can see and understand the positive side of a situation. My mom always said to me, “If you be thankful for a little, you’ll be graceful for a lot.” Sometimes I have to steal away to meditate and pray. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, remember to think positive. A positive attitude will always outweigh a negative attitude and will raise your low self-esteem to high self-esteem.

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