G H Eliason, author of The Generations of AntiChrist

“Hey, hold the presses! Tinamarie is gold. It is a difficult thing to try to transition from the writing phase to this end, especially not knowing the first thing about it. It is a scary proposition. Tinamarie was firm with me and pushed in a gentle and professional way in the best direction we could go in. She was almost intuitive in the speed of her response. I actually wondered a few times if she slept at all. In truth if I was a little more prepared and I could have been that would be the only way it could have been a better experience.”

GH Eliason is first and foremost a follower of Jesus the Christ. He is farmer, construction worker and family man.

Product description…

The History of Antichrist

This book provides solid answers about the rise of the last world religion. It documents its inception and growth. It also opens up the histories of the three monotheistic faiths, and shows the people of the Gospels in history. Showing who they were, their writings, and their lives documented outside the Gospels such as Lazarus who arguably lived after his resurrection until he was 120 years old and was one of the most famous people of his day. First presenting arguments against current movements to change the faith, the author offers an exploded view of the times leading up to, during, and after the lives of the Apostles and how far and fast the Gospel changed an entire world. The tumultuous timeframe when opened up will shock and amaze you. Detailing the inception, development, and growth of the religion of Antichrist is shown historically for over 500 years. This book answers such questions as how can a man “become a god” and where does he gain the knowledge to bring his own image to life? How does he gain the world, and why does it follow him. In history and then real-time, the developments in religion, society, technology, and government are shown that catalyze the rise and advent of the Lawless One.

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