David Michael Dean, author of Mortal Conquests of the Dark Ages

DAVID MICHAEL DEAN is a disabled American combat veteran, a prematurely retired U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Marine Captain, a scholar of medieval history, and an avid gamer. Creating fantasy game worlds for RPG games, playing MMORPG computer games online, and challenging friends on his XBOX, is David’s favorite pastime. After losing the ability to continue pursuing his former career, David turned his energy and talents to writing about the fantasy worlds he created as a RPG games master. Mortal Conquest’s of the Dark Ages is the first in a series of books that whimsically merges medieval history with David’s 25 years of gaming experience in a way that will keep readers coming back for more.

“You all are awesome! Thanks a lot for all you have done for me. I didn’t make Black Friday, but that’s ok, it was my fault. I didn’t expect it out for 3 weeks more, but somehow you all got it out the day after Black Friday! WOW! Kudos! I am soooo impressed. I remember the day I first signed up to publish with you. It took me years to finally get this done, but I don’t think you understand why. I was seriously injured in Iraq, and I wasn’t able to write. Did you drop me? Did you change my price? Did you neglect me because I wasn’t paying the whole bill? NO! I thought for sure you would cancel me when I kept prolonging paying, but you didn’t. You just kept encouraging me to take my time. I had 4 major surgeries that kept me from finishing, and countless other major complications, but you stuck with me. You worked with me, and I cannot say how grateful I am that you kept the faith with me. Thank you very much. I love you all! I will tell the world about you… I mean that.”

Product description…

A rebellious historical fantasy in outlandish proportions!

A time has come when legendary creatures will rebel against the encroachment of humankind. Their struggle is a desperate attempt to save their races from simply becoming fairy tales of the humans who fear them. There is hope for some, but not all will prevail. Medieval Britain is in turmoil. The governing council of Wynelvenest has been overthrown, and the new elf king has declared war upon all of humanity. Poverty, famine, and uprisings plague the land. This is the compelling story of a young boy who must survive in a world that history will forever deem as “The Dark Ages”. Hezekiah, “Zeke”, of Dumnonia is a simple farm boy who must flee his home after accidentally killing his cruel stepfather. Wanted, Zeke’s flight takes him to the wondrous city of Haven’s Rest where his rotten luck steadily worsens when he again breaks the law by freeing a halfling sailor from the hangman’s noose. Fleeing the city, the two outlaws begin gathering about them several unlikely wayward companions as they travel across the realms. Together, the wayfarers will discover the true meaning of friendship.

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