Sandra King, author of Abraham

Sandra has been a student of the Word of God for over 25 years. She has sought the deep truths of God’s Word and loves to share them with others through her writing. She has authored two other books: Joshua–Ruler, High Priest and Commander of God’s Army and Adam and the Woman.

“There were a few times that I didn’t have a clear understanding of charges. If I do another book, I will understand how the process works a little better. I am very happy with the finished product. I was impressed with the short timeframe in getting my book published.”

Product description…

Follow the footsteps of Abraham to maturity

God called Abram out of Babylon to go on a journey to a place God would show him. Abram must step out in blind faith in God and His Word. Throughout Abram’s journey with God, He was shaping and forming Abraham into His image and likeness for the purpose God had for his life. Abram must walk his journey with God step by step. As Abram obeyed God and His Word, he was drawing closer and closer to God in a deep and abiding relationship. Eventually, God changed Abram’s name to Abraham because he had been transformed into a mature man of God who would soon have spiritual seed through Isaac. The life of Abram/Abraham is a picture of the spiritual life of those who follow God through Abraham’s seed Jesus. God called Abraham out of wicked Babylon. He still calls people out of wickedness symbolized by Babylon to follow His faithful and obedient Son Jesus into a new spiritual life. God has a plan and purpose for each of our lives but He must shape and form us for the call. God will walk us step by step through faith and obedience to His Word into the fullness of the blessing that Christ’s sacrifice accomplished. God works in fullness. God wants to be fully known and wants to extend the fullness of the blessing that Christ’s sacrifice on the cross accomplished for all — whether Jew or Gentile. Abraham’s journey with God and His walk of faith and obedience beautifully illustrates God’s desire to bless all those who love His Son Jesus Christ. Abraham obeyed God willingly out of love, not out of command or demand. God spoke to Abraham and then left the choice of obedience up to him. When Abraham willingly obeyed God’s Word, he was blessed. Those who love and follow Jesus are to also obey His Word willingly out of love. The New Covenant extends from the Abrahamic Covenant. The Bible says that “the gospel was announced in advance to Abraham.” Gal. 3:8 This book is written to show that Truth.