Magna Sententia, by Anna and Ellie Sherise

“After months of research, we knew that Outskirts Press was truly the publisher for us. Compared to all the other publishers, Outskirts Press grants its authors the most rights, in addition to offering unmatched production and marketing support.The production process went remarkably well, and thanks to our flexible and caring Author Representative, our book was published much faster than we expected. Not only did Outskirts Press make sure that we were satisfied with every aspect of our book, but they also designed its cover, which turned out to be more attractive and enticing than we imagined possible. We were amazed at the exceptional quality of the end product and are grateful to Outskirts Press for helping our dream become a reality!The superior service and assistance Outskirts Press provides to its authors does not end with publication. Through the Marketing COACH, Outskirts Press helped us improve our Amazon and Barnes & Noble listings and continues to give us useful marketing tips and advice. Most importantly, whenever we have questions or concerns, Outskirts Press is always there to help, and its representatives are both considerate and efficient. Thank you Outskirts Press for all of your hard work and dedication!”

– Anna and Ellie Sherise