Hollywood Be Thy Name by Jeff & Shirley Lawrence

“We did a considerable amount of research before selecting Outskirts Press. We cannot tell you how pleased we are with the outcome. The book is beautiful. There is a big difference in on-line publishers. They are NOT all the same. We know other authors who made wrong choices and regretted it afterward.”Jeff & Shirley Lawrence

This book is for those who aspire to become an actor in Hollywood, a re-actor in the background as an extra, or just enjoy reading about the business. In Part 1 Shirley & Jeff each tell their many chances for stardom and why they decided to work as extras. Part 2 is about the movie business: how it was in the beginning and what it is like now. In Part 3 you will meet some interesting extras and also read true untold stories about stars, and directors. You can pick up a rag sheet and read all sorts of things that may or may not be true, but in this book are only the true accounts as seen and heard first hand. This may be the only book about both actors and extras – something that should be informative and fun reading for everyone.
Our promise: You will be entertained!

Jeff, born Lawrence Volkert, and Shirley Blackwell met and married while working in Hollywood Studios. Jeff had been a chaplain’s assistant in the army, an organist and singer. Shirley sang in operas & musicals. As runner-up for a screen test, was invited to come to Hollywood.

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