Introducing Rod Sadler, author of To Hell I Must Go

“After researching several different publishing options, I chose Outskirts Press for the simple reason that they were the rated as one of the highest in the business. After my first phone call, I received information and guidance from the beginning to the end. Outskirts Press gave me the opportunity to fulfill a dream and share the story of a grisly nineteenth century murder in Michigan. I’m certain that had I tried to find a traditional publisher, this story would never have been told. Beyond simply publishing the book, Outskirts has continually provided marketing support, while working with Ingram to provide complete distribution. To be quite frank, I don’t think I could have made a better choice, and for that, I’d like to thank Outskirts Press.”

Rod Sadler is a 30-year veteran police officer, having grown up in the small town of Williamston, Michigan. He spent over ten years researching information about this murder including court documents, original handwritten eyewitness statements, books, photos, maps, and news articles. His great grandfather spearheaded the investigation while serving as the Ingham County Sheriff in 1897. Having retired in 2012, Rod and his wife, Terri, live in the Lansing area with their three children, Alex, Austin and Andy.

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Alfred Haney had suspected there was something peculiar about his wife for a very long time. On a cool spring morning in 1897, he left his Williamston, Michigan home to earn a day’s wage. He returned to find a macabre murder so bizarre that it shook an entire community to its core. This is the true story of a woman who some might refer to as Michigan’s own Lizzie Borden.

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Introducing George B. Blake, author of Widow

“For the first time using self-publishing, the experience was at times a little trying only because I was new at this type of publishing. But, my Author Representative, Lisa, was very patient with me and a very big help, answering all my questions so that I could understand and follow through properly. Everyone involved was very accommodating also making the whole process come to an exciting end. A successfully published book! Thanks to all.”

George B. Blake is a successful advertising executive who became single after 18 years of marriage. He soon realized how very difficult is was to meet new single acquaintances of the opposite sex so he embarked on a 20 year research program among singles to determine the best ways and the best places to meet other singles. His research involved interviews with over 29,000 singles from all around the country, many as a result of his appearances on 160 call-in talk shows. He has written a popular syndicated newspaper “singles” column for 14 years which helped considerably with his research. After he wrote 6 books on “singles meeting other singles” he realized that no book had ever been written of the difficulty of widows meeting other singles…so he stepped-up his research to specifically involve widows (and some widowers as well). Now the 50 million widows in the U.S.A. have a source to turn to restart their lives after the tragic loss of a loved one.

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Widow starts with a bang as the first chapter has letters written to Mr. Blake by three widows who each tell how they made the adjustment to their newly unwelcomed lives. The book emphasizes the “positive” side of life, with a little humor thrown in, attempting to bring back some joy into the lives of widows (or widowers) trying to recover from the loss of a loved one.

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Introducing Richard G. Aanonsen, author of The Power of Encouragement

“My publishing experience with Outskirts Press was excellent. The staff were responsive and timely regarding my concerns. People who have seen the web page and book have been extremely positive in their evaluation! It was a “fun” experience with Outskirts.”

Richard G. Aanonsen, Ed.D., has extensive experience in private and public sectors as a counselor, educator and clergyman. Speaking occasions include professional organizations, community service clubs and church groups. He has been married to his wife, Else-Marie, for 54 years and currently reside in Florida. They have two adult children.

Product description…

Encouragement builds up. Discouragement tears down. One of the most powerful ingredients to enhance personal growth is Encouragement. When this powerful factor is successfully integrated into an individual’s experience, life’s challenges, no matter how tumultuous, can be mastered with confidence. Dr. Aanonsen defines encouragement as “a behavioral statement in words and/or deeds that influence a person to keep on and to do better despite life’s vicissitudes.” With the reassuring style of a seasoned counselor, he provides guidance to help the reader learn skills in applying four elements of encouragement: unconditional love, understanding, conveying authenticity and expressing specificity. Discover how to effectively encourage your spouse, children, relatives, business associates and yourself. The Power of Encouragement will furnish people with courage to build on their strengths and work for improvement. “An excellent book. The work you did with me and my staff forever changed the manner in which I approach workers.” CEO, A Major U.S.A. Corporation “We use the book as a study guide for adult classes” Pastor, Florida “A great book. I recently re-read it.” Psychologist, TN “A wonderful, informative and inspirational book. It contains depth of experience and information. Thank you.” Retired Professor, N.Y.U.

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Introducing Chinyere Echefu, author of The Indubitable Battle

“I have a lot of praises to give concerning the Outskirts Press. You are good at what you do. You are well organized and the idea of giving each author an author representative makes the publishing work less cumbersome. This strategy makes it easy for the authors to communicate freely and easily with the entire publisher. I do not know all the author representatives, but I would say I had the best. I wish to work with Lisa again. She was patient with me throughout. God bless everyone who participated in making my publishing dream come true.”

Chinyere Echefu was born in Okwelle in Imo State Nigeria. She held a B.S.Ed. (Biology 1996), completed a program in B.S.Ed. (Biology, 2000-2002) at the University of Lagos Nigeria. She was a class teacher and a Bible Knowledge teacher for many years at St. Leo’s Catholic Private School, Ikeja Lagos Nigeria. She relocated to America for a better life in 2003. Her American experience was not as she expected but she learned obedience, dependency and faithfulness to God as she wrestled with bad relationships. During this trying time, she enrolled and obtained a Doctorate Degree in Ministry at the Next Dimension University Inland Empire, California. As she struggled with her faith and the church, she wrote The Indubitable Battle. She currently resides with her family in La Verne, California where she manages her family clothing store. She shares her faith and belief in her shop. Some call her small boutique a ministry because she often reads the bible with her customers and prays with those who needed to pray. She believes that God is real and Christianity is different from Churchianity. The church needs to do Christianity. A Christian does not necessarily be a churchgoer but a churchgoer who is not a Christian is a waste. She has written a number of books but has only published two including The Tragedy of Desire, her first book.

Product description…

This comprehensive book on prayer answers all your questions about where to pray, how to pray, and the words to use in order to speak with your Heavenly Father. Honest and compassionate, The Indubitable Battle clearly acknowledges that the journey of faith can be difficult and confusing. But the darkest times of our lives are the moments when we most need to fall on our knees and cry out to God. This is not just a theoretical book—this is an empathetic guide that comes from the author’s own experience of journeying through prayer to the Promised Land. Supporting you with scriptural references, practical ideas, and grounded scholarship, The Indubitable Battle is a priceless resource in your search for God, and your journey to a more intimate and rewarding relationship with Him. “This is an exhaustive book on prayer, to say the least. It covers all bases of what, where and how about prayer. The author wrote from practical experience, with authority not as scribes. You feel like in a prayer boot camp or retreat, as you read this thought and spirit provoking exposition of the bible. You feel like reading the whole bible about prayer and the Christian life. If you want to know how to fellowship with God and enjoy it, read this book. I highly recommend this book for all people.” – Pastor John Oluremi Collins  “When Cee asked me to proof-read this book, I gladly accepted it but I did not know that it would affect my Christian life so deeply. After reading the book, I was encouraged as well as inspired in my walk with Jesus Christ. There were moments while reading that I just had to say AMEN! The book reminded me of how rough the journey to the promised land can be. There are reference points on scripture to assist you along the way. I would most encourage anyone who is new in the walk with Jesus Christ to read this book.” – Susan Alston “There is epoch in our walk with our Lord Jesus that doubts set in as to where our journey, faith and dependency would take us. In this case, when my wife Chinyere embarked upon writing this book on prayer, there were major attacks on our marriage and source of livelihood. Through it all, we went to God on our knees and cried Abba Father. Jesus answered us with the revelation to put down “Prayer” on paper. To Jesus be the honor and glory. I am truly humbled for this revelation. This book is a revelation of God’s love and a must-read for all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.” – Peter Adeleke

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Introducing Fox Grimaldi, author of Cosmos Divine, Volume I

“My experience has been comprehensively informative and gratifying. The many options for Marketing and the personal attention to my needs before, during and after publication have caused me to look forward to publishing my follow-up Volume II of Cosmos Divine with Outskirts Press.”

Fox Grimaldi, Ph.D., D.D., Reiki Master, has many years of experience as: Piano Entertainer, Singer, Composer, Director, Producer of Original Stage Plays, and Community Television. American born, Dr. Fox, studied all martial art forms, all religions, the sciences, and teaches, privately: Piano, Voice, Acting, and his own, Dao Ren-Kung Self-Defense.

Product description…

With this book, the authors take you on an expedition into a world of deep emotions, lucid dreams, and creativity that is designed to disclose humanity’s place in the Divine Playground of our Universal-Cosmos.

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Introducing CA Coffey, author of A Farming Family in the New World

“Lisa was very helpful and very patient with me. She quickly responded by e-mail to all my questions. She made a process new to me very painless.”

CA Coffey has combined her twin passions of genealogy and writing in A Farming Family in the New World.

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An historical account beginning in the Colonial Period (1600-1775) of nine generations of farming and family and five wars.

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Introducing B.L. McKenny, author of Phenomenal Fantasies

Outskirts Press
“I am very pleased with Outskirts Press publishing services.”

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“Phenomenal Fantasies” is a collection of male-orientated expressed adult short-stories. They are mostly expressed in the American Northwest. The highlights of stories I have written goes as follows: “Fateful Death,” is about a couple who never really go out with each other but end up dying at the same time and in the same manner as if God had chosen their fate. “Drunk by Gin/Bitten by Jack,” is a Jack Frost story told in a surrealistic fashion in Washington State. “Filthy Pigs,” is about two immoral people who get turned into pigs by a wand and spell-book from Ireland. “Animosity,” is an adventure into the woods of the Northwest-Olympic-Mountain-Range where a man is chased and finds out Sasquatches really do exist. “Story About a Witch,” takes place on the East-Coast and is about a young man from Seattle back home to visit his parents and discovers the spiritual realm of a witch at a boarding house. “Upon Arachnid Hill,” takes place in Colorado and is about religious snake charmers that decide to go into a mine and prey with large poisonous spiders.

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