Introducing Jeff C. Barger, author of The Kingdom Parables

Publishing my first book, there was much I did not know about the process. Through each step, I found the staff at Outskirts Press to very helpful and accommodating. Dana and Rebecca were immensely helpful, responding promptly to my questions with helpful answers. Outskirts Press provided good customer service, and I will use them again.”

Jeff C. Barger is a Baptist minister. He received his theological training from the Tulare Missionary Baptist Seminary, Tulare, CA, from which he earned his Th.B. in 2000, Th.M. in 2007, and the Doctor of Theology in 2010. He has served as pastor of three churches. The author is the son of Jeff H. and June Barger. He has been married to his wonderful wife, Lori, for thirty-five years. God has blessed this union with three great children: Kyle, Amanda and Kathy.

Product description…

“The message of the Kingdom parables is a message of reason, reality and rest. To understand the message of the Kingdom parables of Matthew Chapter 13 is to be fundamentally and theologically changed. For some this very well could amount to a paradigm shift in Bible understanding. The Christian reader who grasps the meaning of the Kingdom and the teaching of the parables will be never the same again, forever.”

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Introducing Joy Swan, author of Aunt Susy’s Boarding House

“I pondered and searched before deciding on Outskirts Press. I was still not sure when I chose them. because I wanted the best! Once I made the decision, I found that I got the BEST! Each phase was very helpful and they were even going the extra mile for me. I cannot praise them enough! Many times my patience was short, and I took it out on them and even told them! They put up with a lot from me. Thank you each and every one of you. You are great. I will certainly have you publish any book I write. Get Ready! Joy Swan”

About Joy Swan: The state of Maine is my home. I live in the mountains on a beautiful lake. In the early morning just as the sun has risen- I sit in my white wicker rocker in my blue sun room, my Rag Doll cat stretched out on my wicker lounge. Wifts of fresh mountain air come through my open window, the still quiet water promise a quiet mind to start the day. I have three wonderful children-each one is kind and thoughtful. I have learned that getting old means you can get away with a lot of things and be forgiven for them as you get old. The lady behind me thinks: that lady is old; she doesn’t know any better. She doesn’t know how much knowledge I have gained after living eighty-four years and learning something new every day! Enjoy the book!

Product description…

In the year 1900, a young lass is seen arriving in Dixfield, Maine. She sits straight upon the wagon seat and black curls escaping from under her white bonnet tied beneath her chin. A high, white-button shoe can be seen as she steps from the wagon. She reaches for two worn leather suit cases, she tethers her horse to the cement post beside the hotel then disappears behind the large doors of the hotel. A young man sitting across the street always with an eye for a pretty girl watches this lass as she steps from the wagon. He catches a glimpse of a slim white ankle as she steps to the ground. So begins the true story from the rugged beginning through the 1930’s. It will bring back memory’s long forgotten. You will laugh you will cry as you read this true story. Old fashion Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hurricanes, floods, murders and my life at Aunt Susy’s Boarding House. Happy to come home from school today to see my baby brother, Mama reading by the fire, Grandpa smoking his pipe. Maybe Grammy has made one of her chocolate cakes with butter frosting. I eagerly open the door to see every one crying. My world changed forever that day. Dale’s world changed forever and my mother’s world changed forever! Our world would never again be the same!

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Introducing Yvonne Arroyo, author of How The Octopus Got Eight Arms

“Elaine was very helpful at every turn.”

Yvonne Arroyo spent 32 years as a bilingual Spanish teacher for the Chicago and Trenton school systems. She has written several poems and chants for children. She currently lives in Vacaville, California. About the Illustrator: Carl Wanzung has taught both Art and Preschool to Second Language learners in Chicago Public Schools for the past 30 years. His own art work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in the United States, Japan and Scotland and is privately collected.

Product description…

When Oscar Octopus meets-and is smitten by-the lovely Sharkey McGhee, they begin to date: strolling the ocean floor arm in arm, dining out, and going to the movies. Shortly after their fairy tale wedding, they are blessed by eight offspring. The trouble is that Oscar doesn’t have enough arms to hold them all! In this delightfully illustrated book, you’ll discover how Oscar adjusts to the demands of family life…and how the octopus got eight arms!

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Introducing Johnny Coomansingh, author of Seven Years on Adventist Street

“Writing and publishing this little book: ‘Seven Years on Adventist Street’ is a milestone in my life. I have always wanted to pen my childhood experiences while growing up on Adventist Street in the town of Sangre Grande, Trinidad. It is now a reality! Outskirts Press has made my dream come true. The Outskirts Press personnel assigned to me in publishing this book were patient, kind, prompt, and effective. Their constant attention to the process gave me the assurance that they were working tirelessly to have my book on the shelves. I am working on another book as we speak, and Outskirts Press will have my contract for the production of this new book. I am so proud of my accomplishment. Thank you Tina and Lisa…thank you Outskirts!”

Born and raised in the town of Sangre Grande, Trinidad and Tobago, Johnny Coomansingh received his education from Kansas State University (KSU), Fort Hays State University (FHSU) (Kansas), Andrews University (Michigan), The College of Teachers (London), The Eastern Caribbean Institute of Agriculture, Forestry (ECIAF) and Northeastern College, Trinidad. He read for his doctoral and master’s degrees in Geography at KSU. At FHSU he graduated with a Master of Science in Communication with emphasis on Public Relations. During the course of his development, he served as a high school teacher at Bates Memorial High School, Sangre Grande (mathematics, geography, and human and social biology), an agricultural extension/communication agent in the Ministry of Agriculture, Trinidad, a corporate communications practitioner in the petroleum industry, and a university professor in the United States.

Product description…

Have hope. Written especially for youth everywhere in any station of life, Seven Years on Adventist Street distills hope…hope for all; all who think that they are living under the worst of circumstances. Seven Years on Adventist Street dissects, analyses, and synthesizes the impact of cultural forms on a young boy’s mind during the period 1960-1966. The narrative provides a window into the societal structures that fashioned his belief, his positive outlook, and his anchor of hopefulness as he journeys through life. On any given street in Trinidad, an individual could find an array of cultural variables similar to that of Adventist Street. Despite this fact, Adventist Street is unique. His emic view of Adventist Street as place, establishes the great value he has ascribed to this street in directing his intellectual leanings and perception of the world. Part of his soul is everlastingly entwined in the noise of the street-scape. More than any other place, he identifies with Adventist Street, and sadly, could offer no explanation for the placelessness of the basin in the Guaico River where he used to fish; no one fishes there anymore. In such a cultural melee, he was able to find a compass, and subsequently, chart a course for life. Seven Years on Adventist Street characterizes the play and interplay of people and their roles, rituals, and religion in the creation of a community. In his poverty-stricken world during those early years, he became a literal forager of sorts in his immediate environment and was able to sometimes fend off his physical hunger. Nevertheless, the hunger for intellectual stimulation and development was ever present. Written on the wall of his elementary school was the proverb: “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.” Taking this bit of biblical scripture as his guide, he purposed in his heart to keep focused on the goals that would emancipate him from the shackles of rebuff, ridicule, and want. “Seven Years on Adventist Street” reveals a fulfilling story of hope, prayer, perseverance, and providence.

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Introducing Emmet Roberts, author of Lions of Samaria

“Overall though, while initially daunting, my Author Representative came through to get my book published! Thanks, Jamie and thanks, Barbara. There were many others who all helped along the way-a big thanks to everyone who contributed.”

Emmet Roberts has taken the long road back to belief. Raised in a traditional faith, he rebelled against the insistent demand of unquestioning obedience. Dissatisfied with the uncertainty of agnosticism, he wandered into the bleakness of atheism. Still searching for meaning, he realized one day the questions he had chased for so long had returned to him as answers. Throughout the journey, the Bible has served as a constant guidepost, correcting his missteps and directing him back on to his homeward path. The ageless questions of ‘why am I here? what should I do?’ have been silenced by a divine answer to the child’s game: Faith covers doubt; Grace covers works; Love covers all. Lions of Samaria is his first adaptation of a bible story with a goal of making it more readable to fellow travelers along the way. He and his wife currently live in the far north country of Michigan, under the watchful eye of their cat Phileta.

Product description…

This single verse marks the end of one of the most tragic stories in the Old Testament. Drawn from 1st and 2nd Kings, Lions of Samaria focuses on the rise and fall, conquest and deportation of the northern kingdom of Israel. The full tragedy of a nation’s unfulfilled destiny and its consequences are shown without any mitigating side stories. The fate of the southern kingdom of Judah is similar, but Israel’s fall is far swifter, far deeper, and final. The exiles of Judah return to their homeland after seventy years in Babylon. There is no return from Assyria for the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel.

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Introducing The Rose, author of You Are Not Alone – It Happened to Me Too

“I’m very grateful to my Author Representative for taking the time to answer all my questions.”

The Rose aka Sharon Tunstall Martin – a mother of four. Resides in Memphis, Tennessee. At age 50, she realized that what had happened to her when she was a little girl at age ten would haunt her for the rest of her life. She was introduced to a Pandora’s Box at an early age….that should not have been so. She has decided that the pain inflicted upon her doesn’t have to continue happening to other young girls…so she will no longer keep silent…you are not alone. It happened to me too!

Product description…

YOU Are Not Alone. It Happened to Me Too. Silent Voices Speak. It’s Time to tell, to tell of the ugliness of mental and physical abuse projected from those that are the most dear to our hearts…The ones that we trust with our lives. Many men, women and children suffer at the hands of a loved abuser everyday…Taking and robbing in just one moment the innocence of a life that has to replay that pain everyday of their lives. We wonder why there is so much anger and depression, so many that want to stay in that shell…Have we dared to ask…Would we accept their answer? Or would we shy away?…If you find yourself here…You must know that you no longer have to stay silent…You can not only be free, but you can help someone else that feels as if this is the way that it has to be…I will no longer keep silent, you are not alone. It happened to me too…Silent Voices, It’s time to speak…It’s time to tell…Someone is depending on you to lead them to not only freedom but safety.

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Introducing Naomi C. Hanna, author of You Can’t Go Dressed Like That!

“Great experience…very pleased with the outcome. Thanks Outskirts Press!”

Naomi Hanna is a retired RN, Author (Dove Cry, 2003), Minister and mother of two children, Philicia and P. Isaac Hanna, whom she loves dearly. She likes to read, garden, travel and feed an old dog named Dee Dee, in her free time. She lives in Nassau, N.P. Bahamas and attends the Revival Tabernacle Highway Church of God Bahamas, Inc., which is located on Millars Road off Bacardi Road, Nassau, N.P.

Product description…

It’s amazing how in this world there are standards and codes of conduct, including dress codes; to which we automatically adhere, if we wish to visit, or be a part of a particular environment such as Government functions, courthouses, prisons, and rehabilitation centers, etc. Heaven is often described as a “prepared place, for a prepared people.” Those who would enter, are put on notice to ensure that they are properly groomed and immaculately attired by faith, to be received as guests of honor, at His Majesty’s royal table, or risk being denied entrance!

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