Introducing Shari Lathim, author of Thorns of Destiny

“As this was my first time to publish a book, my Author Representative was very helpful, patient with my questions and kind with me. You guys are great!”

Shari Lathim is a full time working single grandmother of seven and lives in a suburb outside of Seattle, WA. She is a first time author who is fulfilling her childhood dream of becoming a writer. Currently, her writing is based on her own life experiences. She has many more that she’s presently working on and new ideas for future books. One of her older grandchildren recently requested to be a co-writer with her

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Paige was an over privileged child raised by her father and step-mother in Beverly Hills, CA. Her father always told her that it was her destiny to be married to a rich man someday. When Paige met Brody, the son of a very powerful business man in Northwest Montana, she knew this was the man her father always told her about. Montana was not her desired area to live, but she would go anywhere just to become the next Mrs. Briggs. Her calculated plan was to put Brody’s parents in a nursing home, take over the huge family estate and rule over the staff her way. Brody is slow to propose marriage to Paige and she becomes impatient. She will try anything to trap her man no matter what it is. After a few unfortunate events, her destiny becomes a bed of thorns.

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Introducing Dan Chapman, author of Messages from Vallarta

“Thank you Justene and thanks to the entire team from Outskirts Press. I was stunned! The book looks marvelous and is stylishly set and comfortably organized. You all did a great job! I am anxious to hear about any potential recognition and contact points. Now if someone will just find it and buy it, I shall be even more grateful! Thank you all again.”

Always the poet, Dan Chapman enjoys sharing stories and studies of travels, people, and experiences by blending both with his signature mixture of humorous and thoughtful poetry. Now a retired educator, Dan has fused his fascination of new sights and discoveries with his enjoyment of writing into creative venues called The Traveler Series. Previously, Dan has written for several poetry resources publishing his first volume of poetry, The Book of Daniel, which initiated his writing career. “When not traveling,” Dan enjoys teasing, “I live in Suisun City, CA with my wife near our families and close to my exhausted camera and workaholic computer.” Laugh, learn, cry, or squawk, you are likely to experience confounding reactions and mixed emotions reading Dan Chapman’s Messages from Vallarta.

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Using Puerto Vallarta and its regional vicinity as a lovely backdrop, Dan Chapman cleverly uses his unique style of poetry and prose to take his readers on a personal adventure. Utilizing creative prose for informative storytelling and unique blends of humor, poignant thought, and poetry, Dan invites his readers to travel with him on his own spiritual journey to a beautiful and mystical vacation place for a dramatic and personal visionary walk. “Enjoy the trip” as Dan Chapman shares his Messages from Vallarta.

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Introducing Jamieya B-Johnson, author of Lost and Found

“My experience working with Leona was phenomenal. I was well informed and comfortable throughout the entire publishing process. Well done!”

Still fueled from my first book, “A Glow in the Dark”, here is a glimpse of my experiences while I learned through trial and error how to maintain a life with God as He became my Sustainer of peace. This book is filled with life! Lost and Found gives each reader a sense of hope as I developed line upon line my daily struggles without God and how He fulfilled His purpose in my life once I came in contact with the Holy Spirit. Take a dive and learn how God can change your life around.

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When it all seemed to fall apart. A woman broken entering into the fight of her life. Bound by the chains of uncertainty, she suffers through abuse. She gains sight of past afflictions in order to be found by grace which changes her whole identity. Lost in fear and facing death, the breath of life gives this young woman a second wind.

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Introducing Mamon Boykin, author of Sermons

“To publish a book for the first time, I thought Outskirts Press was extremely good! Thanks.”

Mamon Boykin was born in 1948 in Pensacola, Florida. He graduated high school in 1967 and attended Pensacola Junior College. Afterward, he attended Tuskegee Institute now known as Tuskegee University. From there he moved to Los Angeles, CA in 1970 and acquired employment with the So. CA Gas Co. for thirty two years. Mamon still resides in Los Angeles and has been blessed with a wonderful wife, a beautiful daughter and a gorgeous granddaughter. ‘I became a true hardcore believer in Jesus Christ in March 1980 and I wouldn’t change it for all the gold bars on planet earth.'”

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Look around you, and ask yourself where are we headed?

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Introducing Josef Kobik, author of Total Revision

“I have been really happy about Laura’s help, advice, quick responses… The same goes for all the other OP representatives I have been in touch with. I am very happy with the result of our mutual work – TOTAL REVISION.”

Josef Kobík graduated from the University of 17th November (interpreting and translation in the field of English and Russian) and later from the faculty of pedagogy and psychology at Charles University in Prague. For 42 years he has worked as an English teacher (first at university, then in high school, his own language school and now as a private instructor). He teaches all types of specialties and now, at the age of 66, handles almost three ordinary teaching loads; with enthusiasm and love of both the field and his students.

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TOTAL REVISION is a summary of the history of the human psyche. From the Big Bang to Adam and Eve to the demise of the Universe. Everything is included! TOTAL REVISION offers an experimental read resembling a photo album look and feel. It gives the readers a huge space for creative thinking based on their own understanding and interpretation. TOTAL REVISION was originally written in Czech: started forty-five years ago, after the Soviet invasion to Czechoslovakia, and finished and published in 1989. It took twenty years to write! TOTAL REVISION is intended primarily for demanding and experienced readers. Do you like Bunin, Babel, Bulgakov, Heller, Bradbury, Vonnegut? Do you like to laugh? Then there is a good chance that TOTAL REVISION will appeal to you.

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Introducing Tijuana Amos, author of Tragic Happiness

“I had a wonderful experience publishing my first book. The process was extremely simple and quick. I’m currently working on my second book which I will definitely publish with Outskirts again.”

Tijuana Amos, a small town, country girl from Sweetwater, Texas has always had a passion for telling stories. Join her on this journey of real life events of high expectations and serious disappointments.

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Just when life is at it’s best and you are in your happiest moments……in comes tragedy. Follow Passion as she travels through the ups and downs of her life. Witness the transformation from complete joy to utter desolation.

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Introducing Gloria Sicilia Bellator Gabrei, author of War: The Diary of the Alpha Female

“My experience with Outskirts was enjoyable and comprehensible. I’d recommend Outskirts to anyone on a budget and trying to publish a book!”

Growing up as an animal lover living in a society dominated by hunters may seem isolating, but it gives one the opportunity to study and compare the behaviors of both humans and animals which gives the ability to ponder some of life’s biggest curiosities; such as: Why have animals never been in a war against their human oppressors? Gloria lives with her numerous pets and muses who inspired most of her characters.

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What would happen if the animals suddenly started to fight back?

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