Introducing Glenn Proctor, author of Love, Lust & Flirts

“Lisa remained patient with me through a couple missteps I made, which I appreciate.”

Glenn Proctor is the author of KICKING BOTTLES, NEWS & DUST, his first book of poetry. A retired newspaper editor, he shared in the Pulitzer Prize at the Akron Beacon Journal and taught journalism at Kent State and Washington and Lee universities. A career and small business coach, media strategist and leadership trainer, Proctor lives in North Carolina.

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This work – second of the Finding Dust Trilogy – is the author’s perspective on the joys and pitfalls of love and relationships. These poems were written to inspire thoughts about love issues, generate necessary skepticism and find laugh out loud moments.

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Introducing Ann C. Hutchinson, author of Touch Not My Anointed

“I am so thankful for every one of you and I am beyond excited!! I would like to thank Tanya, Rebeccah, Larry, all of you in the Marketing Department and everyone who helped with the publishing of my book. You are a “pearl of a great price!” You did an excellent job! There are no words in the English language to express to you how thankful I am for Outskirts Press!”

When Ann C. Hutchinson was four years old, God began giving her prophetic dreams and visions. Weeks after she dreamed that her family home was destroyed, a tornado swept through town, demolishing her house and marking the beginning of her prophetic journey. Ann lives with her husband in Michigan. Touch Not My Anointed is her debut book.

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Do you hunger for a more intimate bond with God? In Touch Not My Anointed, the depth and power of Ann Hutchinson’s relationship with the Father is revealed as she shares powerful truths about:

  • Prophetic visions
  • Receiving and understanding your dreams
  • The anointing
  • Eliminating obstacles and people who keep you from receiving God’s best
  • The revelation of who God is and how much He loves you
  • The value of spending quality time with the Lord every day
  • How to receive God’s blessings
  • What it means to be in love with the Father

Filled with insight and inspiration, Ann’s book is candid, joyful, and at times painful. If you want to draw closer to God, go ahead and get started!

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Introducing Ghie Yuu, author of The Quest for Kismet

“Thank you for the great help that was given by the Outskirts family. It was really the best decision to choose this publishing company to publish my manuscript that I have written for almost a year. Thank you. God bless always.”

Ghie Yuu developed an interest in writing in high school after she started writing for the school newspaper and eventually becoming the features editor. She always found solace in writing stories to get through challenging times in her life — the worse things were, the longer the pieces she would write. This novel was inspired by her desire to move on from a traumatic experience. Ghie earned a Bachelor of Science degree in physiotherapy, with the support of her family and three scholarship programs. She is a licensed physiotherapist who loves to travel and hear the stories of the people sharing her journey. She particularly enjoys the company of the elderly, and finds much to inspire her in hearing their stories. As a writer, Ghie wants to touch the life of each reader. She believes there are many important ways for a writer to communicate, and she looks forward to sharing her vision with you.

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The Quest for Kismet is a fascinating epic novel about individuals, each of whom is destined to fulfill a specific mission, who all end up sharing the same adventure that has imprisoned them within a compelling shared fate. An unknown enemy holds many threads in his hand, trying to lure them to an inescapable doom. But the members of this quest seek every missing piece of kismet — that which links each living creature to one another, to stand against a common enemy. Will laws control free will, or will rules be transcended by the free will of those who seek a greater good? This inventive, thought-provoking novel will enchant and enlighten you as you journey with a courageous cast of characters on the greatest quest of all.

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Introducing Jimmie Smith, author of The Wine Bowl

“This was a first time experience for me as an author and Leona made the operation seamless. Her communications, information, and assistance were valued resources. I appreciate her and the efforts of the entire Outskirts staff. Thanks.”

Jimmie Smith is a native of Dallas, Texas. As an adult, he went to the University of Sam Houston where he earned a Degree in Business Administration while acquiring an interest in history. In his first novel, Jimmie combines his love for a good story with his compassion for history.

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The Wine Bowl chronicles several months in the lives of neighborhood friends who want to upgrade their status. They plan to take their shot at recognition by competing against the big boys. When events take a wrong turn decisions must be made that affect lives and relationships.

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Introducing Dinah G. Fiji, author of As Finite as the Waves

“Leona was the best among the staff of Outskirts Press that I worked with. She was prompt in all her emails, and guided me through the publishing process effectively. I want to work with her again on my next book.”

Dr. Dinah G. Fiji, born and educated in the Philippines, now lives with her husband Engineer Benjamin M. Fiji in California and taught for a period of time in a public school in Southern California. She has two children, now adults: Harvey, a lawyer and Hannah, a chemist who is married to Jeff Lehman. Before her immigration to the United States, Dinah was a Professor at the Leyte Institute of Technology (now Eastern Visayas State University) and served in various administrative and academic designations as head of the Office of Publications, as director of the Office of Research, Planning and Extension Services, and as Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. She is a member of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Fontana, CA. Readers can email:

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The waves of the sea may seem boundless but like anything and everything in this world it is finite. But God’s matchless love is infinite and He is the God of the second chance in the lives of Lorenzo Vergara, Luningning Salazar and Ranjini Lawton. His mercies are new every morning for His children.

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Introducing Muhammad Jerr’, author of Infrastructure

“I am pleased with my publishing experience and will use Outskirts again.”

Born and raised in his beloved North Carolina where he developed a deep love for his people and an even deeper understanding of their plight, Jerr’ Muhammad has been a world traveler, a businessman, a community activist, an educator and a journalist that has developed and broadened his scope and given him a unique insight into the interaction between people of color and institutional racism and the mentality that undergirds both.

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After over 400 years of the worst treatment ever imposed on a human being, after over 500 years of generational emotional and physical pain, after over 150 years of having self invalidation where we live in the valence of our slave masters, what are the communication, reality and affinity breaks that undergirds the black community.

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Introducing Patricia Livingston, author of Just Food for Thought

“Laura gave more than 100% service, about 200% in fact! Thanks Laura for giving me all the encouragement, support, and guidance during a quite emotionally stirring time!”

Patricia Livingston is a third generation Texan. She enjoys writing as a way of expressing her thoughts and feelings. She is inspired by Jack London’s books. She enjoys living in the country – a quiet life surrounded by nature. “Just Food for Thought” is her first book.

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“Just Food for Thought” is a story about Patty’s life during ages 18 to 25. She leaves Texas to go off to college in the Pacific Northwest, leaving behind her family and friends. Her idyllic ways of thinking are soon challenged. She experiences life on her own. She becomes ingrained into college life, where she makes many friends. However, she never forgets her strong family roots while finding her way in the world. She crosses paths with a handsome upperclassman, then enters into a darker realm. But she also crosses paths with good people who help her through rough times. She marries, has a baby, eats health foods, sews clothes, writes poetry. She sees a ghost, has dreams of the future, and dreams with messages. She weathers storms. She learns that friends die, babies cry, and mother’s love lasts. She learns about the special bond of love with her dogs, even years after her first Labrador dies and her second one appears. She sees how unconscious connections with people spiral from past to future. She learns that her own life moves in spirals – goes full circle – then meets on a different plane. Patty’s memoir, begun twenty five years after the events, was based on vague recollections. Eight years later, the memoirs became intertwined with her letters. The letters were presented to her by her mother in 2013 – lovingly tied into bundles with baby blue satin ribbons. Vague recollections of her life, as it turns out, do not always match letters written at the time. Both accounts remain within the story, which has led to some duplication, as well as some contradiction. That’s just food for thought, dear reader.

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