Introducing Jeffrey P. Gorman, author of American on the Precipice

“Outskirts’ services were very reasonably priced and the process was quite easy. Much of the process can be done online at the author’s convenience. The reps were very responsive and helpful. It was a great experience!”

Jeffrey P. Gorman was born in a steel mill town outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, witnessing the peak of the industry’s economic decline. He graduated from Clarion University in 1992 with a degree in Broadcast Communication, leading to an eight-year career in news/talk radio. As the local news director of WKZV radio and newscaster/producer for both local and national talk radio shows for WBVP AM, he developed a keen interest in economics and politics fueled by the elections of 1996. Jeffrey lives in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area with his wife Tammy and five children, is on the leadership team at Abundant Life Lutheran Church/Charlotte Blind Outreach, teaches Bible school, and has been a Cub Scout leader for several years. Jeffrey also has a degree in Management Information Systems from Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh and is currently attending Wingate University for a Master’s in Business Administration.

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Book description…

With national debt in excess of the Gross Domestic Product, and with deficits of one trillion dollars per year, our nation faces a major crisis-and the point of no return is just over the horizon. The U.S. government seems unable or unwilling to recognize this fact and take steps to avert the coming disaster. As Americans, we need to exercise some common sense and take action-in our own lives and our own homes-to reverse this trend and fix the economic and moral mess in which this nation finds itself. We must hold our elected officials accountable for their actions and invest the effort to turn our communities around. We must pay attention to what is going on around us, and above all, we must get involved. Jeffrey Gorman’s book takes a hard look at various aspects of American life, stripping away the complexity and the politics and revealing the core issues. It puts forth ideas to fix the problems rather than slapping a Band-Aid on the symptoms…a practice that has come at great cost to the American people. Here, partisanship is bypassed by looking at the facts, not the grandstanding political fluff and spin that dominate what passes for news today. Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Will Americans continue to do the same?

Introducing Christine E. Mackenzie, author of Hoofbeat Heartbeat

“Thank you for your patience and encouraging words. It takes a team to create a book, and I always felt you guys were supporting me, the humble wordsmith. I dream of being nominated for…(your guess) and love you all.”

Christine E. Mackenzie lived in International places as a photo-journalist, and on the road, supporting her husband Stuart, a great polo player. Now, she enjoys writing screenplays and fiction…but always incorporates some relevant facts. Stories are her passion. She currently resides in Santa Fe, N.M. with family, friends and pets like her Arabian ‘Shadow,’ her Aussie shepherd ‘Lil’ Bear’ and a Siamese cat called Mr. Pips.

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Come take an exciting journey to distant lands, meet the most fascinating people, ordinary and extraordinary alike, but most of all see the beauty in the beast! This is a thrilling adventure/ action/ romance that will keep you turning the page and make you care about what happens to these three people whose lives intersect in unexpected ways.

Introducing Robert Lovelle Rooks, author of Best Broken Promise

“It looks like going with Outskirts Press’ custom cover is the way to go! Thanks for getting this one out so quickly!”

Robert Lovelle Rooks is a published author from Texas. On top of publishing fiction, he’s an avid blogger. You can keep up with his periodic rants here:

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Can a man ever overcome the foibles that haunt him? Meet Percy James, a man whose girl friend won’t give him what he’s always wanted, a child of his own . . . a man who flits from relationship to relationship, unable to find love. And then one day, Percy James finds himself in the same room with the one woman who carries a secret that can provide him with true happiness.

Introducing Kyle Hemmings, author of Void and Sky

“Excellent service. I was very impressed by the professionalism of the staff.”

Kyle Hemmings is the author of several chapbooks of poetry and prose: Avenue C, Cat People, and Anime Junkie (Scars Publications), and Tokyo Girls in Science Fiction (NAP). His latest e-books are You Never Die in Wholes from Good Story Press and The Truth about Onions from Good Samaritan. He has been published in Wigleaf, Storyglossia, Connotation Press, Elimae, Match Book, This Zine Will Save Your Life, and elsewhere. Kyle lives and writes in New Jersey.

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The heroes and anti-heroes of Mr. Hemmings’ latest collection of hybrid poetry and prose are caught between dreaming and losing, between waking and slipping away, between remembering and trying to get back. For them, there is always the sky above and the shaky ground below.

Introducing Esi Olueh, author of The Genesis of Success

“The professionalism was superb. All my questions were answered and my overall publishing experience was a delight. I definitely will recommend Outskirts Press to anyone and everyone who desires the best in their publishing journey. The quality of the book cover exceeded my expectation. Outskirts Press is your bridge to excellence.”

Esi Olueh is an author, speaker and an associate minister at Living Christ Church in Tulare California. He is also the founder of Glorious Expression Ministries (GEM). Esi was born and raised in Nigeria where he declared the uncompromising gospel for more than a decade after he got saved in September 1992. In 2004 he relocated to the United States where he presently resides. He is married to his lovely wife Wendy and they are blessed with one son.

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Book description…

Success is not an event, neither is it located in a place. Many have traveled the globe to search for it but have met with disappointment. To succeed, you must stop searching and learn that success is a path that must be walked. Sprinters often quit this path because it can only be run with patience. On this path, speed is not a factor but adherence to the guiding principles will determine how fast you will go. But first, you must begin. “The Genesis of Success” is an eye opener, a flash light that illuminates seemingly tiny biblical truths that will usher you into God’s pathway to success. “The Genesis of Success” will unveil biblical truths like… God’s principle in setting order of precedence; Why it was important for light to top God’s list in the creation process; Identifying and working your work zone; How failing to plan is planning to fail; Explore the riveting truth of measuring your progress by a set standard instead of floating through life, hoping it works.

Introducing Grandmaster Sy Cheatham, author of The Lost Forms of Tang Soo Do

“This is my first published book. The entire staff was very patient with me and answered all of my questions. Special thanks to TinaMarie, my first contact rep who guided me through the initial process. And to Deni who aided in the final process. Your help was invaluable, and I thank both of you. The process was made easier because of your guidance.”

Grandmaster Sy Cheatham, 9th Dan, has been practicing the martial arts for over forty years. His martial arts endeavors have included karate, Tae Kwon Do (5th Dan) Hapki-yusul (3rd Dan) Tang Soo Do, and Pressure Point Techniques. Grandmaster Cheatham teaches seminars for those who wish to continue their martial arts journey and increase their knowledge along the way. This book has been meticulously compiled by Grandmaster Cheatham and his senior student. Grandmaster Cheatham operates the Korean Tang Soo Do Academy in Woodbridge, Virginia, where he resides with his wife and daughter.

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This stunning reference book is the culmination of thirteen years of study under Grandmaster Myung Seok Seo, my teacher. This book covers eleven forms from first dan to second dan midnight blue belt and includes photographs and detailed instructions of each movement. This book offers an easy to learn method which everyone can benefit from, while at the same time, increasing your knowledge of the more exotic forms of Tang Soo Do.

Introducing Janet Sheridan, author of A Seasoned Life Lived In Small Towns

“My brow furrowed, my jaw clenched, and my pacemaker threatened revolt as I sat before my pesky computer to begin the self-publishing process with Outskirts Press, a company recommended by friends and well-reviewed online. Seventy years old, I wasn’t raised with technology and didn’t use it with the ease of younger generations, who turn on and manipulate their electronic devices as casually as I used to open books. But I took a deep breath, gathered my scanty courage, entered the Outskirts Press website and began clicking in all the wrong places. I had chosen the perfect company. Again and again, my representatives rescued, comforted, and advised me–once tactfully pointing out I had overpaid, quite generously, for a service that came with my package and then promptly issuing a credit before my panic attack became full blown. Now I have my book in my hands, and it makes me smile. It is everything I hoped it would be from the attractive custom cover to the careful formatting to the back cover script, all of which caught the essence of my writing. I couldn’t be more pleased. And, thanks to the supportive people I worked with at Outskirts Press, I’m now regularly using my computer for more than word processing, basic research, and email. I’m even blogging. My grandchildren are open-mouthed with amazement.”

Busily retired, Janet Sheridan writes in a comfortable home she shares with a husband she enjoys in Craig, Colorado.

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Book description…

Janet Sheridan’s wry, often tender, observations on life draw the reader into the poignancy and fun of a long life spent in the rural west. In this delightful compilation, you’ll meet a variety of mostly good people, each with their own quirks: six siblings who matured in unpredictable patterns, Aunt Beulah of girth and grace, a ninth-grade student filled with forgiveness, and the author’s husband, who leaves tools and clothes in full view-so he won’t forget he has them-but hides his potato chips.

A Seasoned Life Lived in Small Towns is a collection of unpublished material and human-interest columns written for the Denver Post and the Craig Daily Press-all drawn from the 70 years Janet Sheridan lived as a child in Utah, an adult in Nevada, and a woman facing the reality of her advancing years in Colorado. Her work was awarded first place in Category IV humorous column writing in the Colorado Press Association’s 2010 competition and first place in both humorous and serious column writing in 2011.

“Janet Sheridan is a treasure. She’s a skilled craftsman whose sharp intellect, creativity, and precise writing-not one word is wasted-leaves a reader wanting more. Her oh-so-lovely, mellifluous prose should be savored, like this paragraph from a 2010 Colorado Voices column: My musings about children of the world and fairness ended with the shocking sight of Ruthie Miller eating toothpaste. I corrected her in a fierce whisper, smoothed my plaid dress over my knees, and wondered if the cafeteria ladies had baked cinnamon rolls for lunch…” -Barbara Ellis, Editorial Page news editor and coordinator of the Colorado Voices program, The Denver Post.

“Janet has a unique voice that meshes folksy narrative with creative storytelling. An educator by trade, her readers are fortunate she found her true calling later in life. I’m proud to be one of her biggest fans. She’s a true artist in this writing craft of ours.” -Josh Roberts, Former Editor, Craig Daily Press.