Introducing Linda Buzzeo Best, author of Antonio’s Story.

“I appreciated my Author Representative’s prompt responses, the clarity of her replies, and that her responses were comprehensive, well laid out and accounted for pertinent information information that was needed to understand her reply. I am completely satisfied.”

Dr. Linda Best, Professor Emerita of English/Writing at Kean University, NJ, has written and published in many genres, from Academic Writing to Non-Fiction and Fiction, and continues her work in the field as a writing coach, editor, and instructor of Writing Memoir. Linda enjoys international travel, gardening, exercise, and time with her family. She currently resides in the American South with her husband of fifty years.

Book description…

In 1938, amid the buildup to world war, seventeen-year-old Antonio leaves Mussolini’s Italy for the U.S. at his parents’ urging, traveling alone. Antonio immediately and irrevocably finds affinity for his new world and American values. He seizes opportunities newly available to him and radically redirects the trajectory of his life. A testament to human resilience, Antonio’s Story, Coming of Age on the Battlefields of WW II, offers a compelling account of Antonio’s transformation from teenager to Italian American war hero through gripping scenes revealing his nature and character. The book is not a war narrative. Rather it’s the author’s sensitive re-creation of her father’s story as he and family members told it. Her treatment of the wartime and post-war Italian American immigrant experience will pull readers into the fears, joys, and challenges that shaped Antonio’s life and the lives of the more than one million non-citizen Italian immigrants who fought against their homeland as U.S. soldiers. Antonio’s Story will stand out in literature as one of few books that celebrate a population of immigrants who served in the war and then returned to become an integral part of American Society.

Introducing William Poteet, author of Good Guys Die Too

“My Author Representative kept me on schedule and made sure I completed all the required tasks so my book could be published on time. The process was simple and easy.”

William Poteet was born in New Orleans, raised in St. Louis, and presently lives in South Florida. William’s professional life has revolved around sales, management, civic engagement, and local and state politics. Good Guys Die Too is his debut novel, with a second book, Icarus’s Fall, to be released soon.

Book description…

Someone—a foreign power, a competitor, or even someone from within the CIA—has targeted Steve Renick for extermination. But how many more close calls can he endure before his luck runs out?
Steve Renick can no longer trust anyone at the agency. Three times in the past 48 hours, executioners narrowly missed their mark, and only those at the agency knew his itinerary. All indications lean toward a security leak. But why is he being targeted? Steve’s SEAL training and 14 years as a field agent in the CIA make him a lethal weapon, but he needs to find answers soon. Otherwise, the odds favor his unknown assassin. All too aware that good guys die too, Steve is not ready to be a star on a wall at Langley. The one sure thing he knows is that he needs to be the first to pull the trigger…

Introducing Marie-Paule Mahoney, author of Orcas Forever

“Orcas Forever is my third children’s book published with Outskirts Press. Once again, my Author Representative and my Production Manager were vital to bring to life my vision of the endangered orcas of the Salish Sea.”

Marie-Paule Mahoney was born and grew up in Brittany, France, and now lives in the foothills of New York State. She taught French at a Waldorf school and at the State University of New York. She wrote The French Connection and is the co-author of En Français, both beginner courses for learning French. When she retired from teaching, she took a greater interest in nature, wildlife and conservation. Her first book, Molly and Babou, was written with her husband, a veterinarian. She followed that up with Coco and Whale of Wonder. The plight of the Southern Resident orcas inspired her to write Orcas Forever.

Book description…

Orcas Forever is the dramatized story of a true-life event. It opens a window into the hidden lives of the three Southern Resident orca pods that inhabit the waters called the Salish Sea between the northwest coast of the United States, and the southwest coast of Canada.

The story invites young readers to follow the orcas’ daily activities as they prepare to gather for a special celebration. They will learn about the sophisticated ways these orcas communicate, the importance of their strong family ties, and their unique culture playing out beneath the waves. Readers will witness the resilience of the orcas in the face of adversity and how the Southern Residents enjoy life despite a never-ending struggle with hunger. 

The Afterword presents information about orcas in general and the specific culture of the Southern Residents. It highlights the threats that the nearly extinct orcas confront from human interference and how these threats are linked to some of our environmental problems.

Introducing Cinda Hiseley , author of “Have You Seen Him”

“I have been so pleased with the speed and ease of publishing with Outskirts Press. I’ve recommended it to a couple of people already. Thanks so much!”

CL Hiseley is a native of Tulsa, Oklahoma. She graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Early Childhood Education and has over thirty-five years of teaching experience with young children in public and private schools in Oklahoma, Florida, and Texas. CL has recently returned to her Tulsa roots, where she lives with her husband. She continues to teach, and is enjoying reconnecting with family and friends.

Book description…

Young children are full of questions—some of them about God. Most often they want to know if He is real. As children often have trouble understanding things they can’t physically experience, this book introduces them to God through His creation using simple text, colorful illustrations, and photographs. Have You Seen Him is a beautiful resource to help them see God in a way they can relate to Him.

Introducing Mary M. Meckler, author of Jangled Lives

“Jangled Lives, my second novel arrived and looks great! I’m so excited that Outskirts Press and my Author Representative helped me through this process again. She listened to me and was a life saver in more ways than I can say. I will definitely work with Outskirts Press for my third novel which I hope to finish this year.”

Mary has been writing for years and happily presents her second novel for your enjoyment. She lives in Reno, Nevada, with Marty, her husband of over 54 years, and her dog, an American Canine named Lacy. She is a member of Beta Sigma Phi International Sorority and enjoys spending time with her grandkids, reading, and of course, writing.

Book description…

Rylee Jasper, an empathetic dog groomer, was tormented as a child by a neighbor who continues to haunt her dreams, only to return from prison after many years. It is assumed he is involved with the terror that surrounds her town with the torture and death of the caretaker of her new love’s elderly parents. Throw in a sexy private eye, a bad cop, along with this psychopath, then follow the path she and others take on the journey through their… JANGLED LIVES.

Introducing Cynthia L. Clark, author of Wilbur and the Watering Can

“This is the fifth book that I have had published with Outskirts Press – 3 novels and 2 illustrated children’s books. I have been thoroughly satisfied with Outskirts Press and plan to continue with them for my remaining books in progress.”

Cynthia L. Clark was born and raised in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder County, Colorado where she continues to live on Wilbur’s farm. She is the author of three novels and a charming children’s book, “Max Goes to Town”. She is a graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder with a JD Law degree and a BA in Economics.

Book description…

“One day Magnolia and Lily ran outside and filled their watering cans to the top and gave the thirsty veggies a little drink when they saw a leaf flop, then go kerplop.” 

An amusing garden visitor astonishes little gardeners with its puzzling antics. Inspired by true events.

Introducing James T. Farley, author of American Cop.

“Having an individualized author representative, who understands the nature of your project and can steer you through the process smoothly really inspires confidence and creates peace of mind.”

James T. Farley was a law enforcement officer for more than three decades. His career encompassed virtually every area of law enforcement, including patrol, traffic operations, detective, plainclothes, tactical operations, and SWAT. James worked at the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, the Broward County Sheriffs Office, and the Crystal River Police Department. He now makes his home in Crystal River, Florida, and is also the author of the thriller “Blind Pass.”

Book description…

From shootouts, suicide by cop, and violence of all kinds, to working undercover, and violent SWAT operations, this fast moving and hard-hitting account puts you on the street with both the humor and the horror that real cops encounter. So, buckle up and let’s hit the streets. We have a wild ride ahead.

Introducing Max Felix, author of Animal Book- Coloring Book.

“Outskirts Press made the publishing process easy and simple. My questions were quickly answered, and my concerns promptly addressed. Big “thank you” to the entire team.”

Max Felix is a teenager with autism  spectrum disorder, who accidentally discovered his artistic skills very early in life, at a time when he had lost many cognitive aptitudes, including the ability to express himself verbally. Drawing then became his only way to interact with others. Although Max later recovers the spoken language, he continues to develop the art form of drawing as a preferred means of communication. Animals have always filled his imagination. He used them to learn to count, and to make sense of the world around him. His narratives are picturesque. His artworks, which are sometimes autobiographical and sometimes fiction, are always a stage for his animal friends. Pen and paper are his tools, his take on nature is black and white. With Animal Book, Max invites you to discover his world, and to color it your way. 

Book description…

Max loves animals and loves to draw,  therefore he called this coloring book simply “Animal Book”. What makes this book unique are the fun drawings that lead you towards many stories, and call upon your imagination to finish their narration. This coloring book, for children and adults, promotes relaxation. It is a good companion for hospital patients. The book provides 80 coloring pages that can be shared in a lounge room, and is also a way to bond with little ones. Use it before or after your morning yoga. Children will love this book during road trips or a trip to the store. This coloring book will divert your teenagers’ attention from electronics for a moment, and may unknowingly ignite their creativity. After school programs, daycare centers, senior centers and family nights are places where this coloring book is welcome. This book is a great companion for all ages.

Go to to check out some of the pages of the book.

Happy Coloring! 

Introducing Xiaorong Zhang, author of The Story of Rice

“I had a wonderful and positive experience throughout the process. I truly enjoyed working with my Author Representative. She was efficient, knowledgeable, and professional. She always responded to my needs and addressed the issues to my satisfaction. I really appreciate her guidance.”

Xiaorong Zhang grew up in China and came to the United States to pursue her PhD in Plant Physiology and Genetics in 1987. After finishing her degree and post-doctoral training, she began teaching and researching at Savannah State University, where she has taught botany, genetics, genomics, and several other biology courses over the past 25 years. As a botanist, she is fascinated by the intricate beauty and vast diversity of plants. Zhang lives in Savannah with her husband.

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Book description…

Rice is the staple food for more than half of the world’s population, but it is often taken for granted and regarded as a common cereal crop. As a rice-eater and a botanist, the author delves deep into the fascinating history and biology of rice, and discusses the past, present, and future of rice as an essential cereal. The Story of Rice includes a discussion of the cuisines that have been built around rice in different parts of the world, as well as the cultural legacies and heritage left by thousands of years of rice farming around the globe. Rice is life!

Introducing Diane Wheeler & Mike Kohut, authors of Dandelions of Key West: A Collection of Whimsical Short Stories by Two Military Brats Who Blossomed Within the Conch Community They Now Call Home

“A new journey without a road map always begins with a first step in the general direction of your destination. Writing, publishing and marketing a book is a similar venture. Outskirts Press and our Author Representative provided targeted information via many Outskirts Press articles and e-mails to guide my co-author and I through the publication process. We actively participated in the presentation design of our text, images and book cover. Our book was published three months ago and is presently available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple Books. We couldn’t have arrived at our destination without the professional help of our Outskirts Press team. It was both an educational and pleasurable experience. Thanks!”

Diane Wheeler was born in Pensacola, Florida in 1947 while her father was in flight training pursuing the “wings of gold.” Florida was the first of many U.S. Navy ports that became her home and she attended many different elementary and junior high schools up and down the east coast. Her life changed forever when her family finally landed in Key West, Florida in 1961. No matter how many thousands of miles away she is, Diane has called Key West her home since the first glimpse of the little island. Inspired to change the world one child at a time, she graduated from Illinois State University (Normal, IL) in 1975 with a BS in Elementary Education. In 2004 she received an MA in Multicultural Education from Florida Atlantic University. She has taught school over 30 years from Imperial County, California to Key West, Florida with multiple stops in between. Diane enjoys watercolors, long hikes and camping trips, practices yoga and enjoys spending time with family. Since her very timid beginning, she has seldom met a person that remains a stranger.

Mike was born in Altoona, Pennsylvania in 1942 while his father, a Navy MD, served with the Marines in the Pacific during WWII. After the war, Mike’s dad was assigned to Navy Hospitals across the US creating a gypsy lifestyle for the family. Mike entered Key West High School in 1957 and graduated in 1961. After his father retired from the Navy, Mike’s family relocated to State College, PA. Missing his paradise home, he returned to Key West in 1962 to start a new life on his own terms. Mike joined the Marine Corps in 1964, attended Electronics School in San Diego, CA. and graduated in 1965 as a Microwave Radio Technician. He then served with the 11th Marines in Viet Nam and was honorably discharged in 1968. Graduating with a BS in Medical Microbiology in 1974, he trained as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist in 1975. Working with several technology companies, he combined his dual knowledge of electronics and medical technology in the medical instrumentation field. Mike enjoys playing guitar and photographic art with his wife Kathie.

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Book description…

Many children of military families, like Dandelions, are scattered far and wide and learn to survive where the winds of fate carry them. The authors, both “Dandelions’, have penned a whimsical collection of unique coming-of-age stories set in the late 1950’s and 60’s in Key West, the island paradise where they landed and thrived. Soak up some tropical magic through the adventures and misadventures of these two “Navy Brats”. This light-hearted book is spiced up by the flavor of a few Conch Recipes and a dash of Island Music.