Introducing Beatrice Ekanjume-Ilongo, author of Phonetics in the Classroom: A Handbook for Beginners

“I love everything about publishing with Outskirts Press.”

Beatrice Ekanjume-Ilongo did her tertiary education in the University of Yaounde 1 Cameroon where she obtained a PhD in Linguistics in 2006 with specialization in Phonology. She has been teaching phonetics for the past fifteen years in the University of Yaounde 1 Cameroon, University of Burundi and now the National University of Lesotho. She has published in several accredited journals in her areas of research interest, including a book on Phonology. Beatrice Ekanjume-Ilongo was born in Cameroon and is married with four children. She is currently an Associate Professor of Linguistics in the Department of English and the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at the National University of Lesotho.

Product description…

“Phonetics in the Classroom: A Handbook for Beginners” is a handbook that will prove invaluable to all students and teachers of Linguistics, and will also be useful to those working in other, connected fields. The aim of this handbook is to provide students with practical skills and a conceptual framework to do further work in phonetics. It will give training in the production, perception, physiological and acoustic description, and IPA transcription of the speech sounds used in the languages of the world. The main function of the handbook is to provide the essential background for beginners so that they can be equipped for further work in phonetics. The book introduces students to the sounds of languages in general while at the same focusing on the sounds of spoken English, with emphases on the description of consonants and vowels, the stress patterns of English, and the use and functions of English intonation. Throughout, hundreds of examples are given from the world’s languages although there is an obvious concentration on English.

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Introducing Larry Baughn, author of The Ghost Hunter

“This is the first novel I have ever written, let alone publish, and Outskirts Press was there for me all-the-way! They walked me through all the intricacies associated with preparing and editing my book, which I was totally unaware of, and when I had too many questions for a simple email, my representative contacted me by phone and led me through all the ins and outs. I’m now a published author and Outskirts Press is still there for me, answering post publication questions and giving me excellent information about marketing my book. I will definitely choose them again when I finish with my second novel!”

Having grown up in the sixties, the author witnessed both the tragedies and the triumphs that this tumultuous decade produced. Goaded on by a personal tragedy during the early months of 1966, he set out in a world devoid of cell phones, personal computers and the internet on a life long journey to discover his place in the universe and the answer to the ultimate question: Is there life after death? A retired Navy veteran who now lives in sunny Florida with his beautiful wife Pat, Larry spends his time writing, singing and enjoying his children and grandchildren.

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On a summer night in 1966, pre-teens Pete Hanson and best friend Doug McHenry, both bored and fully awake, decide to conduct an innocent experiment during a sleepover in the wee hours of the morning. Little do they realize as they sit upon the living room floor that their curious questions about the mysteries of life and death, directed now toward an innocuous looking game board, will produce answers that instantly catapult them into a desperate life and death struggle, not only for their own lives but those of their friends and the world at large. Aided by their small group of friends: Alan Stevens, Phillip Geiger and Melanie Davis, they will race against time, space, conspiracies and the forces of darkness in a valiant attempt to save their families and their world from total destruction, even if it means that one of them must make the ultimate sacrifice.

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Introducing Mary Murry, author of He Ain’t Our Bill No More

“Once Elaine and Becky got my manuscript, things started happening. I can’t tell them how much I appreciate their work. Thank You!”

Mary Jane Jones was born in 1947 during a very important poker game in Stringtown, Arkansas. I was the oldest of eight children born to Hilary and Margaret Jones and graduated from Jasper High in Jasper, Arkansas in May of 1965. Right out of high school, I started college at the Arkansas Tech University in Russellville, Arkansas.  I met my husband in Kansas City through a friend and we had three children. During the child raising years I ran a licensed home daycare, and that is when I started compiling information for this book. I have had numerous jobs since that time and ended up in the Post Office in Odessa, Missouri and since retired.

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My story is about my father, Hilary Jones, who believed a handshake and a man’s word were binding. The love of politics is how Hilary and Bill Clinton became friends. Hard work and determination is how the Hilary Jones Elk Herd came to Newton County, Arkansas.

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Introducing Janet Tlachac-Toonen, author of The Great Caterpillar Caper

“This is the second book that I have published with Outskirts Press. The first book was a real learning experience for me which made the second and third projects go much smoother. Dana is very helpful as well as Jerry. I have a 4th project that I am working on and will consider working with Outskirts on that project in the future.”

Product description…

Steve the caterpillar is missing. Where could he have gone? Was he stolen?! Amateur sleuths Sidney the bear and Simon the duck are on the case. The pair are looking for clues and asking questions. This adventure has a surprise ending. A must read for junior detectives. “The Great Caterpillar Caper” is the second story in the Sidney the Bear series by WI author/illustrator Janet Tlachac-Toonen. Once again, she introduces adorable new animal characters in their colorful forest surroundings. Sidney’s little sister bear Olivia also makes her first appearance. Watch for more tales from the forest to come. For additional products that go along with her books visit the author’s online store at

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Introducing Sun Eastley, author of Subtraction

“Outskirts Press is appreciable; that’s why I’m leaning on it.”

Sun Eastley lives in Queens with his kids. He’s still writing books that can amuse people.

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This book is made in order to help kids understanding the veritable answer of two numbers when they get together in order to produce a reduction as an answer. The same answer, however, can also produce a quantitative answer when you take the result of any take away and add it to the middle number in order to have the top number as a final result. This book is made easy in order to help children assimilating the contents of it.

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Introducing Jane E. Jenkins, author of Rebuilding After the Explosions: Helping Parents Put the Pieces Back Together

“Your company and staff are wonderful and so helpful. Tomica and Jamie were so kind, knowledgeable and thorough. Thanks for an overall wonderful experience! I will highly recommend this publishing company to others!”

Jane E. Jenkins received her B.A. in Social Work at Missouri State University and her M.A. in Counseling from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Jane enjoys counseling children, however, she has found that helping families is truly her passion. While teaching parenting classes, she learned she was able to put her two passions together by teaching parents how to be their children’s counselor!

Product description…

When you read, Rebuilding After the Explosions: Helping Parents Put the Pieces Back Together, YOU will become the agent of change for your family! Just a few of the benefits are: Identify your family’s explosions. Learn how to utilize the family’s “feel good” hormones. Learn how to let go of the past. Equip yourself with beneficial tools. Learn how to break generational habits. You, as parents will be confident in building a secure foundation, therefore, helping everyone in the family to rebuild an even stronger home. My passion is to empower parents with vital skills for guiding today’s children and youth through society’s mine fields. This book will teach you how.

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Introducing Francis Ivey, author of Alaska Conglomerate: Cajun to Sourdough

“I enjoyed working with Dana.”

About the Author: During the time of this book I metamorphosis from Driller to Plant Operator, then Environmental Technician. In Alaska one day your a Gold Miner and the next day your counting fish for Bureau of Land Management. Never stomp on your neighbors toes, they may be connected to the ass you have to kiss.

Product description…

This picture is a Seismograph Camp in the late 70’s. I am standing on the step used to slide the drill-pipe down the rail. The drill mast is down and you can see our windbreak folded on the left side next to the Drillers step. Big Ed is standing next to me with our white 4-man Sleeper trailer behind him. I have my Salamander burning on high to keep my hands warm so I can do maintenance on my Drill.

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