Introducing Ron Spillers, author of The Delving Dictionary Volume II

“Dana was outstanding!”

Ron Spillers was born in Minneapolis and grew up in Des Moines, Iowa. He studied economics and philosophy at Iowa State and Drake Universities, did graduate work in economics at San Diego State University, and received his Juris Doctor from the New York University School of Law. Ron currently is a Flaneur Apprentice, and is a former Fortune 500 officer, corporate attorney, and professor of international management strategies at several universities. He lives in the foothills of New River, Arizona, with his high school sweetheart.

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The Delving Dictionary strikes again, with the ABCs of Reality! Volume II will challenge those who take reality for granted, suffer through it each day, try to avoid it, or dress it up to serve their own desires. But what exactly is reality-and when we depart this astounding place, what, if anything, awaits us? By examining some of the greatest minds in history-intellectuals and specialists in the disciplines of philosophy, physics, mathematics, sociology, religion, and the humanities-and objectively considering a wide range of opinions and tools, The Delving Dictionary reveals important clues about what constitutes the phenomenon of reality. Jovial, humorous, and down to earth, the book also explores the benefits of uniting the efforts of science and theology in their differing yet compatible quests for how and why the universe came to be. So delve right in and prepare to be surprised-even dazzled-by the conclusion’s simple grace.

Introducing Margaret Watkins, author of Mole Dog

“When it came time to publish my second book, also a memoir, I again chose Outskirts Press, Inc. without hesitation. Having guided me patiently through the process with my first book, The Fine Line, I knew this little dog book would be in good hands. The color photographs were reproduced flawlessly just where they were supposed to be, and the front and back covers were exactly as I had visualized. Once again, my author representative and other members of the publishing team were there to guide me from start to finish, and I look forward to working with them again.”

Margaret Watkins lives in a small cabin in the mountains of Idaho with her husband and fond memories of “the pups.”

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What started out as a good idea to get a dog for our son soon morphed into an arrangement whereby two big messy pups took over the household. Not content to be mere add-ons, Rambo and Buddy soon moved front and center of our existence, bringing joy and a degree of inconvenience overlaid by a rich layer of devotion and unwavering loyalty to the pack. Twelve years of fun and adventure unfold in these pages as we tried to remember that our four-legged companions were, after all, only dogs. We thought of them as family. Join us on backpacking trips and winter excursions in the mountains of Idaho where the pups remained at the center of the action. Rambo and Buddy went everywhere with us. Mostly we just played together. Their individual personality traits did not always blend smoothly with ours but we remained an inseparable pack of four. This is their story.

Introducing Rod Lewin, author of The Escalante Enigma

“My experience with Outskirts Press was outstanding from my very first contact with Jamie. I could not have done it alone, and all the help and advice I received along the way from Dodi and Jackie was nothing short of exceptional! Now, it is up to me to promote the book, and in the short term, I will be taking advantage of some of your book marketing services as well. I am already writing a sequel to The Escalante Enigma and hope to do a series of Mitch Blaine novels. I will definitely be using Outskirts Press again to bring my characters to life! Thank you all so much!”

Rod Lewin was born in Brisbane, Australia. His acclaimed autobiography, Steel Spine, Iron Will, wherein he narrates his recovery from paralysis after a near-fatal plane crash, has been in constant demand for over two decades. Rod has spent the last 35 years as a professional aviator. He has experienced all manner of adventure as a true ‘knight of the air’ from operating seaplanes on the Great Barrier Reef, the far outback of Western Australia, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Greece, to airline flying in DC-3s, 727s, and 737s in the U.S. The Escalante Enigma is based on some of his own astonishing exploits.

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When Ronnie McCall, Mitch Blaine’s long-forgotten love, shows up out of the blue begging for help to locate her lost husband and brother-both U.S. Air Force special ops officers who have disappeared in Texas-Mitch, an ex-Australian Air Force and airline pilot now living a sybaritic life on his own WWII PBY flying boat in Sydney Harbor, agrees to come to the rescue. Mitch and Beyer, his retired physicist partner, decide to literally fly to Ronnie’s aid in the PBY, ‘The Wayward Wind.’ Their flight across 8,000 miles of Pacific Ocean and into the vast, rugged, and unexplored canyons of the Escalante River in Utah is harrowing enough. But their attempts to trace the missing airmen turn dark and dangerous as they stumble upon something sinister and supernatural in the heart of the Navajo Nation. What they discover in that maze of mysterious canyon-lands turns out to be far more eerie, bizarre, and deadly than they could ever imagine in their wildest dreams… The Escalante Enigma is an action-packed novel set in the heart of the American Southwest. Filled with high drama, the book is both gripping and beautifully rendered.

Introducing Diane Dettmann, author of On Liberty’s Wings: A Post-WWII Novel

“Lisa stayed connected with me and followed up on questions I had. She was always positive and easy to work with.”

Diane Dettmann is the award-winning author of Courageous Footsteps: A WWII Novel and Yasu’s Quest: A Tale of Triumph. On Liberty’s Wing: A Post-WWII Novel is the third book in her World War II series. She is also the author of Twenty-Eight Snow Angels: A Widow’s Story of Love, Loss and Renewal, the co-author of Miriam Daughter of Finnish Immigrants and a contributing author for the national “Women’s Voices for Change” organization in New York City. BOOK EVENTS: Hudson House Hotel, 1616 Crest View Dr. Hudson, WI; 2018 Barnes & Noble, Jan. 21, 2:00 PM Har Mar Mall 2100 N. Snelling Roseville, MN

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The end of World War II signals a new beginning for America, but for twenty-two-year-old Yasu Nakahara and her family, harsh prejudices remain. Now married and leading a new life, Yasu faces barriers almost as unyielding as the years she and her family spent imprisoned in the Japanese internment camp in California during the war. Motivated by flashbacks of armed military guards and barbwire fences, Yasu strives to build a new life. She pours her heart and soul into her new teaching position while her husband Masato, a World War II veteran, faces his own battles of attaining an engineering degree and securing a job. On Liberty’s Wings: A Post-WWII Novel is a story of the strength of the human spirit and focuses on themes of forgiveness, choice, prejudice and change. Become immersed in Yasu’s evolution and her family’s recovery as they celebrate victories and grieve their losses.

“Many novels focus on the Japanese internment camp experience; but far fewer continue the story to document the ongoing challenges faced by the Japanese as they-and American society-recover in the aftermath of war. The different forms of prejudice that continue to complicate Yasu’s life, even for something as simple as a real estate transaction, are especially revealing and powerfully portrayed.
The story stands nicely alone as an individual piece, but when read in the wider context of Yasu’s life, it helps the reader form a bigger picture of the World War II experience. When taken as an integral part of Dettmann’s blossoming series, it is recommended for mature teens to adult readers seeking far more psychological depth and social inspection into this period of America’s history.” —Diane Donovan, Senior Editor Midwest Reviews.

“Courage is more than going through the trial; it is living through the aftermath. On Liberty’s Wings is a poignant, engrossing story of young Japanese Americans pursuing the American dream with grace and determination in the face of post-World War II prejudice. Beautifully written, a story that touches the hearts of readers.” -Narita Roady, Book Blogger and Writer.

“Diane weaves in the intensity of racial actions and words with a story that ‘Americanizes’ a small Japanese American family just trying to make it in post-World War II America. They face the additional challenge of experiencing the advantages and disadvantages of being a minority in our society. Dettmann captures the basic goodness in human nature, showing how many treated this family as if they weren’t different while including reminders that negative racial thoughts are as much a part of human nature as that goodness. As a third generation Japanese American born and raised in the Midwest, I believe that Diane writes with an awareness of what it’s like being racially different that is quite accurate.” –John Suzukida

Introducing Debby Morris, author of Celebrate the Seasons: Seasoning Your Child’s Life with God’s Word

“Lisa was excellent to work with. I also received a prompt response. Outskirts is very easy to work with especially when you have not navigated publishing before!”

Debby Morris is a speaker, teacher and writer of preschool curriculums. She serves on the Angel Ministry prayer team for Anne Graham Lotz, helps train preschool teachers and has her own decorating consulting business. She lives with her husband, Tom in Savannah, Georgia.

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So what’s normal anyway? Debby always thought that she just wanted to be normal. Because she grew up with an abusive, alcoholic father, Debby had seen the good and bad aspects of parenting as she experienced loneliness and an isolated, cold household empty of any display of love. She tells her own story of heartache, contrasting it with the joys she experienced when she became a Christian mother. What she found is there is no normal, no ordinary, but there is an extraordinary difference in life when you celebrate your seasons with God in control. Debby wants to give to young mothers, fathers, and grandparents tools to empower and equip them to raise Christ-centered families through the different seasons of their lives. With powerful examples and the truth of God’s Word as her guide, she has revealed God’s faithfulness to His promises of an extraordinary life far from normal. He will never leave us nor forsake us, and Debby is living proof of that biblical truth.

Introducing Lavaughn T. Simmons, author of Christmas Hustle

“Outskirts took the rookie in me and turned me into a pro – almost overnight! Wow! I’m so glad I chose Outskirts!”

Lavaughn T. Simmons was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, and graduated from a local high School in Arlington. Lavaughn is the second oldest of four sisters, she is a proud mother of four children and a wife to one husband who retired twenty years from the U. S. Navy. While being a Home-Maker and small business owner for nearly eighteen years, Lavaughn managed to earn her Associates Degree in Computer-Aided Drafting and Design. Lavaughn has also worked fluently in other business capacities such as Photography, Wedding Planning, publishing Newsletters for several churches in Jacksonville, Florida, and she served as an Architectural Engineer over a new mega-church while overseeing the entire project. Writing is a hobby and a passion of Lavaughn as she continues to stretch beyond the boundaries of the imagination in her literatures.

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This holiday treat is about an old-school hustler and family man who gets hustled by a younger hustler with a state-of-the-art price-checking device which does more than checks the value of material possessions. Irony would have it that on Black Friday the two hustlers would hear about a “hustling dressing Santa” on the evening news but on Christmas Eve, old-school would crash into new-school sparking one unforgettable, explosive reunion and journey promised to lighten the hearts of many and grip the funny-bones of audiences all over!

Introducing Dan Bisher, author of Faded Memories

“Lisa did a fine job of assisting me with the process. The entire publishing process began in February and ended with my book being published in August. It might have taken a little less time, but then again, the time involved was necessary to produce a decent final product that took 25 years to complete. So, Lisa’s patience and knowledge proved to be invaluable in leading me through all the hoops to UPS delivering my author’s copies. I’ve already had about 1,000 orders and requests continue to pour in. I’m exceedingly pleased. Thanks Outskirts for everything. I’d publish with you again.”

Dan Bisher is a published author, writer, journalist and public relations expert. A native of Hillsdale County, MI, he is U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran having served as a Combat Correspondent. Dan attended California State University, Fullerton and was employed by Hillsdale College in Media Relations as a writer. For many years he narrated a historical program titled Tales of the Old Sauk Trail on Hillsdale’s WCSR radio station, and served as a color commentator for high school and college football and basketball. He resides on his family’s Michigan Centennial Farm (1872) with his wife Noel.

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Following the War of 1812, pioneer settlement of the Northwest Territories began. The U.S. government encouraged the westward movement by offering newcomers cheap land at $1.25 per acre. The government purchased vast tracts of unencumbered land through numerous negotiated treaties with several Indian tribes, or it was taken by cheating or force. Tens of thousands of inhabitants from mostly New England states, and Europe, migrated to these new lands for an opportunity to begin new lives on the frontier. One of the more popular routes traveled by pioneers began in upstate New York along the Erie Canal to Buffalo and then across Lake Erie by steamship to Detroit. A family could buy wagons, beasts of burden, tools and whatever they needed in the future motor city to clear land, build a log cabin and start farming. A steady stream of covered wagons left Detroit along the old Sauk Trail called the Chicago Pike. Faded Memories: Examination & Profiles of Hillsdale County’s Pioneer Period offers readers a glimpse of the lives and events experienced by original settlers and Native Americans. Although not the complete history of Hillsdale County and the tri-state area, 36 chapters plus the introduction and selected poems illuminate the beginnings of civilization upon these hills and dales. It’s important to remember your own culture and heritage, and who you are and where you came from. Faded Memories will hopefully add to your knowledge about your own family history.