Introducing Darshel Alexander, author of Thy Will Be Done

“Tina and Brie were great and pretty much held my hand all the way. Being a first time author of Thy Will Be Done was a scary task to undertake but Outskirts Press made it easy. Can’t wait to start my second book with Outskirts Press.”

Darshel Alexander is an author who answered the call of being a writer. This is a first in a trilogy of Claudia Waller, the lead character in Thy Will Be Done. Darshel Alexander is a married mother of five and lives with her husband in Virginia Beach, VA.

Product description…

Life is complicated enough for Claudia Waller; an insurance claims adjuster who loves her husband but feels there is something missing. As she turns 50, life is on autopilot until a series of events causes her to doubt her marriage, lose trust in her family and face the devastating loss of a loved one from an unmerciful killer – Mesothelioma. Claudia faces the possibility of having an affair while seeing her family for who they really are when the dollar signs from an estate changes everything she has known to be true. Life will never be the same, and, maybe, it’s for the best.

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Introducing Rhonda Nichols, author of Treasure in the North Tower

“As it was my first time trying to publish a book, I was pretty much ignorant of how to go about it. Outskirts Press made it easy and affordable with the many options available, and the guidance they gave me along the way. Thanks again Outskirts Press for a job well done.”

Rhonda Nichols is a late bloomer in the field of novelists. Raising six children, singing Gospel music, and working as an LPN kept her far too busy. With the children now grown, she has embarked on this new path of ministry. Writing to share the truths of the Bible through thrilling, suspense stories. Be sure to watch for ensuing titles as her new career unfolds.

Product description…

A story of love, loss, mystery, and intrigue in which Judith Hunter is able to define her own relationship with God, while helping FBI agent, Jack Connors, learn to trust in Him again. Jack’s wife was killed in an unsolved museum heist five years earlier, leaving Jack to cope with his loss by burying himself in his work. When the artifacts from the heist are discovered in the north tower of Judith’s new home, Jack begins to hope that Romans 8:28 is true.

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Introducing Peter F. Warren, author of The Horry County Murders

“As someone who has previously has two other books published with another company, I am somewhat aware of the process involved in having a book published. Part of this entire process is selecting the right company to publish something you have worked so hard on for many months. My experience with Outskirts Press has been very positive and I have been very pleased by the finished product they have delivered to me. The cover alone has drawn many great reviews alone in the few short weeks since the book’s release. I look forward to having Outskirts Press publish another book I am already working on.”

Peter Warren is retired from the Connecticut State Police Department. Retiring at the rank of Major, he served as the commanding officer of several specialized units. An Honor Graduate of the CT State Police Academy, he is also a graduate of the University of New Haven, and of the FBI National Academy. He is also the author of two Civil War books. Currently, he resides in South Carolina with his wife.

Product description…

“Peter Warren’s experiences as a criminal investigator are clearly captured in this exciting new book. You cannot help but feel like you are there with Paul and Bobby Ray as they attempt to solve this series of murders that confront them.” —Colonel Kenneth H. Kirschner (Ret.), Connecticut Department of Public Safety

“It is great to see the characters of Paul Waring and Bobby Ray Jenkins back from Warren’s first novel Confederate Gold and Silver. No one is more qualified to write a murder mystery than Warren. His unique experience and these great characters make this book a real page turner from the start.” —Dr. Mark Foster, The University of Georgia

“A deadly combination of murder, drugs, criminals of all sorts, and great suspense. A well-written murder mystery which is a must read! Very, very entertaining!” —SAC Jeffrey Brandau (Ret.), Kansas Bureau of Investigation

“Many people set out to try and write an exciting novel or two, but few succeed as well as this author has. Warren’s career as a state trooper prepared him to have a second one as a great storyteller. This is such an occasion! This is a GREAT follow-up to Confederate Gold and Silver.” —Major Timothy Baughman (Ret.), New Mexico State Police

Paul Waring, a retired state trooper from Connecticut, is recruited by his friend, Captain Bobby Ray Jenkins, from the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Department, to help solve a series of brutal murders that continue to occur between Myrtle Beach and Georgetown. Can Paul’s expertise help stop the murders before the killings continue? Why has Georgetown been selected as the dumping ground for each of the victims?

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Introducing October Wind and Carolina Sun, author of a-m-i-l-o-…and That Who Is

“I’ve been wanted to write and illustrate a children’s book my
entire life. Last November, the first story in a series came to me and I found Outskirts Press. In less than two months, Outskirts Press published and released Amilou…and That Who Is. Publishing with Outskirts Press
was an efficient and effective way of sharing my message with others. I’m especially grateful to Rebecca and Lisa for managing my manuscripts and illustrations, enabling me to move through the self-publishing process with wonderful results. Publishing a children’s story was on my bucket list. With great appreciation to Outskirts, my bucket list now includes writing a series of children and adult stories. I, also, envision revising my books on education and self-publishing them through Outskirts Press. Outskirts Press provides a writer freedom to express and publish ideas with remarkable ease.”

October Wind, author, illustrator, and educator enjoys playing with words and creating pictures that help us see into ourselves. She lives in the Pacific Northwest. Carolina Son, illustrator and business coach, appreciates the power of doodling as an art form that expresses our inner selves. He lives in the Pacific Northwest.

Product description…

Amilou has a secret. She feels tingling in her fingers and sees rainbow colors streaming from her hands. At school, Amilou notices colorful lights that change and glow brightly around her classmates’ heads. One night, before falling asleep, she hears a riddle. I go to it, inside me, and shine my light, 4U2C I am… That Who Is. “Weird words, but it’s a neat riddle”, she thought as she raised her hands above her head with her palms and fingers stretched, yet bent. She, then, moved each finger like she was playing a harp. Now, this night, she was happy to know the feeling’s name is ‘That Who Is’. At least, that is how she heard it. ‘That Who Is’ filled her heart with joy, and she could feel a warming glow in her chest. There was a fireplace inside her that lit brightly when she played with the strings of feeling between her fingers. The next day at school, Amilou shares her secret with a friend and plays with ‘That Who Is’. Rudi Rouzer, a bullish classmate, overhears Amilou and her friend. He chases them around the schoolyard benches, saying over and over, “That who is hooey, that who is hooey”. Amilou is embarrassed as she watches the children mock her. In the end, ‘That Who Is’ has a surprise for all of them. Amilou… and That Who Is tells a story about the glowing light within us that opens our hearts and helps us care for others as friends.

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Introducing M.L. Shubert, author of The Silence and Beyond

“Not being too technically savvy, I needed much patient assistance all the way through from my Outskirts Press team, and now I’m feeling very appreciative of their devoted efforts on behalf of my book with its wonderfully customized cover.”

M. L. Schubert, a University of Chicago graduate, has taught all grade school levels and English at Long Beach City College and LA Harbor College. She has written several prize-winning poems and stories, and has published a poetry anthology, Song of Eli’s Child. Her novel, The Silence and Beyond was inspired by the tragic loss of a girlhood friend. She lives in California with her husband, Roy. Contact her at

Product description…

The Gift and Burden of an Extraordinary Friendship…

Elizabeth Hartung is noticeable everywhere she goes: beautiful, unbelievably brilliant, unconventional, and troubled, “Bethie” seems to walk a lonely path. But with her on that path is poet and journalist Carol Mandell, her only friend in high school, drawn irresistibly to Bethie’s charismatic and powerful personality, even as Bethie finds grounding and solace in Carol’s thoughtful, sensitive, quietly courageous character. The two girls blossom together into young womanhood at the University of Chicago, in the heart of 1960s civil rights and feminism, while also trying to come to terms with their own needs as children of Holocaust survivors. Their lives diverge; Carol chooses marriage and family, and Bethie blazes a trail of intellectual accomplishment and sexual freedom. But when Carol, in her settled and stable life, receives a suicide note from Bethie, everything she thought she knew about herself will be called into question. She embarks on a psychological, emotional, and spiritual journey to find out what happened to her dearest friend…and what has happened to Carol herself as the years slipped away. Insightful, richly characterized, and suspenseful, The Silence and Beyond is a beautifully observed story of the ways in which our closest friends mirror, challenge, and support us.

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Introducing Melvin C. Echard Sr., author of Inspirations

“I am very pleased with Outskirts Press. As a first time author, the specific guidance and recommendations made my first book a very positive experience.”

Melvin C. Echard Sr. has a Master’s Degree in Education and has worked in public education for over 17 years. This career choice has resulted in introspection and self awareness in his personal life. As he sees the world, it is education that makes the difference. A devoted Christian and family man, Melvin Echard is always looking for ways to inspire excellence. He was married at 18 years of age and now celebrates 28 years of marriage with his wife Mona. This marriage has produced two kids and three grandchildren. It is through prayer and positive reflection that his family has thrived.

Product description…

The enemy is trying to destroy families with modern tactics of warfare. We must examine our thoughts and stand on principle. This book will serve as a guide to challenge the destructive thinking that is prevalent today.

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Introducing Marian Ely, author of Letters from the Cold War

“Very smooth process. Thanks!”

Marian Ely lives a quiet retired life in Corvallis, Oregon and actively continues to write. “My favorite activity besides writing is reading the newspaper in the morning and then doing the crossword puzzle in my favorite college coffee hangout called The Beanery next to Oregon State University campus. If you are ever in Corvallis, try The Beanery’s Sumatra coffee with a sesame bagel and herb cream cheese. It doesn’t get much better than that!”

Product description…

This is a collection of letters that represents my experiences in West Germany during the Cold War. I served in the US Army there from November, 1974 to February, 1978. I was a Radio Teletype Operator and then had the wonderful experience of singing with the 7th Army Soldiers’ Chorus based out of USAREUR (US Army Europe) in Heidelberg. My entire time of three years and three months in West Germany was full of adventures that were delightful, challenging and occasionally downright scary.

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